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Please join us for our wedding celebration on November 6, 2016

Our Story

The Beginning

It all began at Howard High School. The moment Brittany saw Brandon walk into 6th period choir class, she knew she'd obviously marry Brandon and live happily ever after...until she found out that he already had a girlfriend! The nerve. Little did she know, a mutual friend had planted a seed in Brandon's ear that there may have been a little crush on him. Alas, Brittany accepted the fact that it just wasn't meant to be and both moved onto college in different states.

Fast forward to Summer 2008 - Brandon is home from James Madison University on Summer break. One Facebook message led to another, and Brittany and Brandon reconnected and quickly became friends.

By the next winter, Brandon and Brittany realized their friendship had become much more than just casual and began their journey as a long-distance couple. They took countless trips to and from Harrisonburg and Towson over the next few years until Brandon graduated and continued onto culinary school in Napa Valley. Upon graduation, he accepted a job in Napa which prompted plans for Brittany to join him in California shortly after her college graduation.

In 2013, Brandon and Brittany began their lives together in California and have cherished every day they have spent together.

The Proposal

Brittany and Brandon enjoy taking adventures to see the incredible sights California has to offer, which inspired Brandon to plan a trip to the Sonoma Coast on their weekly day off together. After a beautiful drive through wine country, the couple finally reached Blind Beach where they had a picnic and took a peaceful walk on the serene beach. Brittany was taking a picture - capturing the huge Pacific waves crashing on the rocks in the ocean - and when she turned around to Brandon to show off her exceptional phone photography skills, Brandon had dropped to one knee and popped THE question! Much to no one's surprise, Brittany said YES!

The Wedding!

The very excited couple will be saying their vows at The Elkridge Furnace Inn in Elkridge, Maryland on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 3:30pm. Ceremony will be outdoors, then cocktails and dinner reception are indoors.

Brittany and Brandon are so excited to share their love for each other with their families and friends! Please use this website to find out pertinent information about their wedding.